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Russian Grammar for foreigners via a messenger

This practice  is for you if you want to use Russian cases, motion verbs, prepositions etc, correctly.

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How does it work? 

Receive exercises three times per week

Grammar exercises via your favorite messenger 

WhatsApp, Telegram or other 

Personal assistance

You will be in touch with your Russian language teacher who will check your exercises and provide you with feedback 

3 days per week 

Flexible scheduling

Complete exercises at any time, practice daily and receive comments from your teacher. 

120-140 minutes every week 


Receive grammar exercises three times per week 

45 USD
1 month subscription. Cancel at any time. 
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What level of Russian is required to join these classes?

These classes are for students from A2 level and higher. If you don’t know your level and would like us to determine it, please, contact us

Am I going to have other students in my WhatsApp chat?

No, you will have a private chat with your teacher. 

When am I required to submit my exercises?

You can complete your exercises and submit them for feedback at any time.

I am just starting to learn Russian. Are these classes for me?

No, these classes are not suitable for you. We recommend that you take private classes

How can I pay for my classes?

We accept any foreign debit or credit card. If you live in Russia and use Russian bank cards, please, contact us

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