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Russian speaking classes

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What to expect during this class?

Students from different countries
60-90 minutes of conversation practice
We discuss a new topic each class

What do we do during this class?


You will receive a video or a podcast, text and new vocabulary on the topic we are going to discuss during the class. 

3-4 days before the class 

Speaking class

60-90 minutes of conversation practice, learn new vocabulary, 2-4 people in a group. 

60-90 minutes class 

Homework feedback

Your teacher will send you comments and recommendations. 

before or after a class 

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68 USD 
4 group classes
1 class is 90 minutes 
204 USD
12 group classes 
1 class is 90 minutes 

•  ​ ​transcripts with stress marks and exercises for all podcasts

21 USD
1 private class 
1 class is 60 minutes 

Bonuses when purchasing class package 

60-​ 90 minutes of conversation practice 

Free scheduling changes

Flexible online scheduling

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What level of Russian is required to join these classes?

These classes are for students from A2 level and higher. If you don’t know your level and would like us to determine it, please, contact us.

Will there be students of different levels in my group?

No, we create our groups factoring in the level of our students.

I have been studying Russian for quite a while, but I still have a language barrier. Are these classes for me?

Yes, these classes are for those who have studied Russian for some time and would like to improve their speaking skills.

When can I start my group classes?

You can start at any time. New groups are available each week.

How can I pay for my classes?

We accept any foreign debit or credit card. If you live in Russia and use Russian bank cards, please, contact us.

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