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What to expect from this class?

Comprehension and speaking practice
Grammar and vocabulary
Reading and writing

How does it work? 

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Tell us what topic you would like to improve during the class. 

3-4 days before the class 

Private class

Work with your teacher, complete exercises and discuss the topic.

60 minutes 


Complete exercises, submit for review, receive feedback from your teacher. 

After the class 

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26 USD
1 class
60 minutes 
104 USD
98 USD
4 classes 
24.5 USD per class
Each class 60 minutes 
312 USD
276 USD
12 classes
23 USD per class 
Each class 60 minutes 

Personal assistance from your teacher

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Flexible online scheduling

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What level of Russian is required to join these classes? 

These classes are suitable for all levels, including complete beginners. 

I am starting to learn Russian. Are these classes for me?

Yes, private classes are for students who are willing to start studying from Zero. For beginners we use English and Spanish languages during the class.

Am I going to have homework?

Yes, you will receive homework after each class. You can submit your exercises for our feedback at any time. We do not spend time on homework correction during class. 

What time and where will I have my class?

You can choose the time and the date that suit you. We work with students from different time zones.  The classes will be held online via Zoom or Skype.

How can I pay for my classes

We accept any foreign debit or credit card. If you live in Russia and use Russian bank cards, please, contact us

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